Frequently asked questions

    Who can subscribe an IRIS Photo Equipment insurance contract?
    Every person or company with permanent residence in Belgium can purchase the insurance.

    What equipment can be insured?
    The equipment you use for making pictures or films can be insured, accessories included. Remain excluded: mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, drones, … Further information, please consult pdfthe general terms and conditions.

    What information do you need upon subscription?
    The insured value of the equipment, brand & type, serial number, if rented out (YES/NO), the start date of the coverage.

    What insured value should I declare?
    The insured value is declared by the policy holder. When buying new equipment, this is the value on the invoice. For VAT registered companies it is the value without VAT. In all other cases the inbsured value is comprehensive of VAT.

    What to do in case of damage (clamims)?
    Please fill in the online claims form. Our claims department will contact you afterwards as soon as possible.

    Which documents will I have to deliver in case of damage/theft ?
    In case of damage you will have to produce the original acquisition invoice. In case of theft you will have to report this to the police and provide the report number. Should the damage be repairable, you will have to produce the reparation invoice.  In case of total loss, you will have to provide a repair notice proving that the reparation can not be done without a cost higher than the insured value. You will then also be asked to send us the damaged material. If the damaged equipment is replaced, you will be asked to provide the acquisition invoice of the replacing equipment. The insurer is always entitled to appoint an expert to evaluate the damage.

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