All Risk insurance

Insure your passion


    Insure your photographic or filming equipment against all-risks

    We provide full insurance for photographic and filming equipment, suited to both professionals and private individuals.

    The damage or theft of photographic or filming equipment can be a real headache and be a financial bother. The IRIS Photo Equipment Insurance provides you with complete cover for an extremely attractive premium. This made-to-measure insurance policy means that you can quickly get back to work with your passion and/or profession after suffering damage or a burglary.

    On this website you can calculate your premium in just a few clicks and even make a request for insurance. In that case you will receive a payment request for the premium within 48 hours and your insurance will be activated the moment your payment is received. Be sure to consult pdfthe general terms and conditions of the policy and the FAQs. Should you still require additional information please not hesitate to contact us.

    Avoid any financial risk and get the most out of your passion. Should something happen to your photographic or filming equipment, then we you can depend on us as an independent and professional insurance broker.

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